Mountain access


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By paying your right of access, you can have a picnic on the mountain, hike or just enjoy the outdoors!

Mountain Access


Daily Ticket

All day

Seasonal Memberships


Adult (18 y/o +) - Mountain Access $ 5 $ 55
Junior (6-17 y/o) - Mountain Access $ 5 $ 55
Bambin (5 y/o -) - Mountain Access Gratuit Gratuit

Family Package* - Mountain Access

(4 paying customers and over, living at the same address)

$ 15 $ 165

*The family package is offered only to customers living at the same address and that arrive in the same vehicule. Proof of address may be required. 

General Conditions

All taxes are included in our prices. 

Parking gates are locked after opening hours. 50$ fees apply for any vehicule still in the parking lot passes scheduled closing time. Closing time may vary depending on weather conditions. 

An admission ticket or a seasonal membership is required for anyone wishing to access the mountain, the bike trails or the bike park.

• ''Mountain Access'' products do not grant access to the bike trails or the bike park: A ''Mountain Bike'' product (ticket or membership) is required.

Mont Rigaud reserves the right to revoke the privileges that an admission ticket or season pass entitles, without any refund, to anyone not complying with the rules of the trails or showing disrespectful or offensive behavior.

Ticketing Policy:

• No refund in granted on tickets, no matter the reason.
• Tickets bought during the 2022 season must be used on the day for which the reservation was made, or they will expire. 
• Tickets are non-transferable and non-shareable.
• Ticket resale is prohibited.

Membership Policy:

A refund can be requested for a 2022 membership before May 1, 2022 but the membership must not have been picked up.

Starting May 1, 2022: Only a refund (on a pro rata basis) can be requested solely for serious illness or moving reasons. Proof required for serious illness and moving reasons.

All memberships include a non refundable administrative fee of $25.00 (taxes included).

Seasonal memberships are non-shareable (except commercial memberships).

Membership resale is prohibited. 

Dogs are allowed on site, but for the safety of our customers, by respect for others and the environment, they must be on leash AT ALL TIMES. You must also insure to clean up and pick up after them.