1er March 2016

This policy aims to protect the health of customers and employees of Mont Rigaud against the harms of tobacco smoke in the environment, improve air quality and fight against youth smoking.


Since June 25, 2012, Mont Rigaud is officially a smoke-free environment.


All visitors and employees are required to comply with this policy and support its implementation:

  • Smoking of any kind (tobacco, marijuana, electronic cigarette, etc.) is prohibited anywhere inside and/or near the buildings (main chalet, ski instructors local, etc.) and outside on all the Mont Rigaud property (waiting lines, chairlift, magic carpet, ski runs, mountain bike trails, etc.), except in the two (2) designated smoking areas.


Signs indicating smoking bans are put in different places.


Mont Rigaud has a close partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society and encourages the adoption of healthy lifestyles.