13 March 2021

Many climbers visit the Mont Rigaud crags each year. An easy approach via the Mont Rigaud ski resort (private property) is possible due to the ski trails' proximity to the crags. The crags themselves are located on neighboring lands (private property), owned by the development company Ma Baie Inc.


From Spring (May 1st) to Fall, all persons wishing to access the mountain, regardless of the activity (hiking, climbing, mountain biking, picnic, etc.) must pay an access fee ($) and have their right of access visible on them at all times. For all information regarding access rates, please visit the "Mountain access" page. No cash is accepted on site, and we strongly recommend that tickets be purchased online prior to your visit, HERE.


During your visit, we advise you to pay particular attention to our opening hours, as the parking lot is locked at close and there is a fee of $50 per vehicle remaining in the parking lot after this time.


Moreover, we recommend that you avoid parking on the road, as you will be subject to fines issued by the Sureté du Québec, and we ask that you not cross through residential properties. We would also like to remind you that access to the Mont Rigaud ski resort is prohibited outside of opening hours.


Climbers are always welcome at Mont Rigaud. We do not, however, endorse climbing on the site, and invite you to use extreme caution during your visits.


For more information on routes and grades, please consult, and the guidebook ($) published by Socrate Badeau and Nicolas Cowan, available on the Rakkup app.

Thank you for your collaboration!