22 March 2022

For many riders, the arrival of Spring is synonymous with the beginning of biking season. However, the scheduled opening of Mont Rigaud's mountain bike trail network is April 30, 2022.


Despite the particularly mild weather this Spring, we would like to remind you that it is strictly prohibited to access the trails prior to our opening. We would also like to remind you that pedestrians are always prohibited on our mountain bike trails.


Mont Rigaud implores you to respect our trails and be patient until April 30, 2022. These next few weeks are crucial to our trail maintenance efforts, and trails are especially vulnerable during the Spring thaw period. We work hard on our trails in order to offer you the best possible riding conditions. Snowmelt results in wet and muddy trails that are prone to erosion. Riding on trails before they have a chance to dry out completely can cause damage forcing trail closures or repairs necessitating a delayed opening.


Respect our trails and wait for our April 30, 2022 opening!

Should Mother Nature and trail conditions cooperate, we would be delighted to open sooner. Stay tuned!