The Mont Rigaud Bike Shop offers a range of repair and maintenance services, all of which are completed by certified mechanics, including anything from routine inspections, tune-ups, complete maintenance services and even personalized bike fittings and à la carte repairs.


Mountain bike inspection and maintenance packages should be done at least once every season to optimize your bike's performance and ensure its longevity. We offer three different options to meet your needs and fit your budget.

Standard Inspection



$119 Single suspension

$149 Double Suspension

Total Maintenance


Safety inspection Included Included
Brake adjustment Included Included
Gear adjustment Included Included
Tire pressure check Included Included
Drivetrain lubrification Included Included
  Complete bike wash Included
  Complete bike bolt torque check Included
  Bearing adjustment Included
  Wheel alignment and spoke verification Included
  Hub adjustment Included
  Headset adjustment Included
    Hub grease
    Pedal grease
    Headset grease
    Handlebar adjustment
    Seat height adjustment
    Suspension adjustment

À la carte services*

A series of à la carte services that can be purchased individually or combined with a package to meet your needs. 

Complete bike wash

(including drivetrain with lubrification)


Complete drivetrain wash

(with lubrification)


Personalized bike fitting

(Handlebar, seat height and suspension adjustment)

Chain installation or repair $10
Tube installation (flat tire) $10/each
Brake pad installation $10/each
Cable replacement $12/each
Spoke replacement $15/each
Break or seat post bleed $15/chaque
Wheel alignment $20/each

*Required parts are not included in prices.

Bike storage service*

Store your bike at Mont Rigaud. Whether it is for a few days, a few weeks or even the whole Summer, your bike will always be safe in our bike storage, just waiting for you to hit the trails again!

Bike storage service
$5 / day / bike
$30/  month / bike
$160 / Summer / bike

*Only offered from May to October (Summer). Bike storage service is not offered during the Winter.

Hourly rate

A repair or a service that you would like doesn't appear to be offered? Ask us, we might be able to accomodate you!

All other personalized services and on-demand repairs $50/hour